E3 – Enable, Empower and Equip.  This is a program designed to help athletes of ALL ages be the best they can be.

E3 is here to help YOU help your athletes to be stronger and faster.  They will perform more efficiently with FEWER injuries and will aid them to produce the results of being well rounded athletes.  E3 DOES NOT teach Sports Specific Techniques but rather Athlete Specific Techniques.

When an athlete performs in their natural state, as a conditioning trainer you see their strengths and weaknesses. You can enhance and correct them so they will perform at 100% of their ability with little or no injuries. Statistics have shown that athletes who have participated in this type of training have reduced their injuries by 70%.

This program utilizes the following steps to making a well rounded athlete.

  • Understanding the principles of Multi-directional Speed
  • Know how proper body movement should look
  • Recognize the reasons why an athlete isn’t utilizing proper body movement
  • Know how to address the issue of improper body movement
  • Coordination Developments


  • Static and Dynamic
  • External Forces
  • Multiple Movements

Spatial Awareness:

  • Where you are in Space and in Relation to Objects

Kinesthetic Differentiation:

  • Amount of Force Required

Rhythm:  Expression of Timing:

  • In Place
  • Movement Based
  • Implements

Reactivity: Respond to:

  • Acoustic (hear)
  • Visual (see)
  • Kinesthetic (feel)

Technical Ability:

  • A combination of Tactical and Sense
  • Reactions to continually changing situations & varying conditions

The objective to this technique is to work on the athletes motor abilities (Speed, Endurance, Strength and Flexibility). They are submissive to technical ability.  Motor abilities are taught and developed in order to improve YOUR application of technical skills.

e3 (Enable, Empower, Equip) was founded to help young athletes reach their full athletic potential. By working on core strength, agility and speed, e3 can help any athlete compete at a higher level.  e3’s developer Vicki Nye  has had proven success in helping athletes both reach their potential and recover from, and avoid  injuries.

Remember coaches and parents, every second you don’t spend working to optimally improve the strength, speed, power and ability of YOUR athlete or child, it is a second that you let their competitors gain an edge.