6 Great Exercises You Can Do on a Pull Up Bar

6 Great Exercises You Can Do on a Pull Up Bar

If you have a pull up bar at your home, you have everything that you’ll ever need for a good workout. Using only the weight of your own body, you will be able to work on every single muscle, doing exercises such as the regular pull ups, chin ups, hanging knee raises, and others. With just a little bit of patience and the will to do it, you will have a well-shaped body in a matter of months. Let’s check out the six great exercises that you can do on this simple but versatile device!

1) Pull ups

The basic, regular pull up is actually one of the best exercises that you can do on this device. It can do wonders to your upper body and the back muscles, and also help you shape your arms and the core muscles. To do one, all you have to do is to start with a dead hang while keeping your elbows straight, and then tighten your core and pull yourself up to touch the bar with your chest.

2) Chin ups

This kind of exercise will help you work on your biceps and your back muscles. Once again, start the whole thing with a dead hang, after which you will tighten your core, pull yourself up, and allow the chin to get above the bar before you lower yourself back down. This will also force your whole body to work together, which is exactly what makes the chin ups one of the best all-around exercises that you can perform with a pull up bar.

3) The Burpee pull ups

This exercise falls into the category of advanced pull up exercises, and it will help you work on your overall strength. Start the whole thing with a squat in front of the bar, with your hands being on the floor. After this, quickly move your body into the push-up position and do one push-up, and then get back into the squat position, jump up, and do a proper pull up. Repeat for a few sets.

4) Hanging knee raises

This exercise will not only strengthen your core but will also prepare you for the exercises that are far more challenging. Jump up and grab the bar, while keeping your legs in line and as tight together as possible. Then, try to slowly touch your chest with the knees, and then lower the legs back into the starting position. This exercise is best done when your bar is high enough for you to have some empty space between your legs and the floor.

5) The L-sits

To do a proper L-sit, start by grabbing the pull bar with both of your hands, after which you will raise your legs and try to put them into a pretty challenging position – they have to be parallel with the floor. Don’t lower them back, as the goal is to see how long you will be able to hold that static position. This exercise is, as you can see, pretty challenging, and we wouldn’t recommend doing it before you master the previous ones we’ve mentioned.

6 Great Exercises You Can Do on a Pull Up Bar infographic

6) Muscle ups

Now, this is something really challenging, and also the final exercise we’re going to take a look at. Start by doing a regular pull up, after which you will pull yourself even upper until you get into the dip position. Then, lower yourself down with control, and repeat the whole process for as much as you can. Feel the burn!

These exercises, both the simple and the challenging ones, will help you get to get the body shape that you’ve always wanted. And the greatest thing about them is the fact that the only thing they require, besides your will and patience, is the pull up bar – a fitness device that’s cheap and can be used almost anywhere. Check out our reviews and find a quality model for yourself!