Best Pull Up Bars in 2017

The pull-up bars are excellent tools to be used for the intense workout of your upper body while using only your own weight to achieve it.

Since they’re really useful and come at inexpensive prices, we think that everyone who wants to give himself a sculpted physique should own one.

But the only problem here is the fact that there are so many different models on the market – it can get truly overwhelming for a novice!

But, have no worries – we’re here to help you with our clean, straightforward reviews of the currently best pull up bars. Read on!

Pull Up Bar

Top Rated Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars – Our Top Picks

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GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  • DESIGN 100% 100%
  • QUALITY 99% 99%
  • PRICE 92% 92%


In our opinion, the only major flaw of this device is its high price – if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Even though it’s a bit expensive, the GRONK bar is one of the best products of this type we have reviewed so far. It has a very solid fixture and allows the user to do a myriad of different exercises on it, including those that are completely different that the pull-ups. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose pull up bar that can be mounted on the wall, this model just might be what you’ve been searching for!

The first wall-mounted bar we’re going to take a look at is one of the GRONK Fitness Products, which are well-known among the fitness enthusiasts for their quality. Is this bar yet another of their goods worth considering for purchase?


The GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar, even though it’s a little bit pricey, is among the most popular products of this kind in the online shops. The first thing that you’ll notice about it is how nice it actually looks – the GRONK pull up bar comes in black color and is powder coated, which means that you don’t have to worry about rusting.

Fortunately, assembling this thing isn’t as complicated as it might seem on the first look – the package includes all the necessary hardware as well as the straightforward instructions, and the whole process of assembly is swift and trouble-free.

Once this device is put together and securely hung on the wall, you’ll be able to start working out and going towards your fitness goals, and this product will allow you to do it like a professional. You can use multiple types of grips – narrow, wide, pronated, supinated, or the neutral grip, thus challenging your back, shoulders, and the biceps to the maximum extent.

Of course, the pull ups aren’t the only exercise that you can use your GRONK bar for – you can also use it as your personal muscle-up station if your ceiling is high enough, or even try doing some reverse abdominal crunches on it. The GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar can handle the weight up to 800lbs, as it has a very strong construction, and its frame is also reversible so that it can easily fit your workout needs.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions
  • DESIGN 91% 91%
  • QUALITY 88% 88%
  • PRICE 82% 82%


On the downside, the lag bolts that you’ll get in the package aren’t of the highest quality and could cause you some problems later, and we would recommend you to replace them with some galvanized ones in order to avoid the issues.

As you can see, the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions is a product that’s designed for home use and for all the standard pull-up exercises, as well as for some optional ones. It’s a well-rounded product with a quality build, easy assembly, and an excellent value for the money – we can do nothing else but recommend it!

Next up is a pull up bar with a long name and a pretty reasonable price, which has gained a lot of praises from the users and the other reviewers in the last few months. Let’s check it out together!


The first thing to notice here is how simple the whole thing looks – unlike some complicated pull up bars that we’ve seen so far, this one is very straightforward and easy to use. It can be mounted on the wall by using four dedicated holes, and this is also fairly easy to do since the package, fortunately includes all of the needed hardware, as well as the mounting templates, the instructions, and the USA tech support.

Once it’s hung on the wall, you can start with the workout – and the thing that we really liked here is how far the grips and bar are from the wall – 21″ and 14″ away. This gives the user a space for the maximum range of motion, and lets him focus on repetition and form, which is really important. The pull up bar itself is 42 inches wide, ensuring a quality kind of workout for the people of all shapes and sizes.

As you can already guess, there are four primary grip positions that you can engage in while using this bar, all of which are certain to target the needed muscles and help you increase the muscle mass over the time. It will help you work on your chest, upper body, core, and the back, and also to engage in some assisted exercise variations like push-up rings or ab straps.

Fortunately, all parts that you’ll hold with your hands are covered high-density foam, preventing all sorts of bruises and blisters.

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Cross Fit Training Fitness Heavy Duty

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Cross Fit Training Fitness Heavy Duty
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • QUALITY 95% 95%
  • PRICE 86% 86%


When it comes to flaws, we have to mention that this device comes in packaging that’s inadequate for the weight of the product, and the whole thing could arrive all busted up. Also, the screws for the mounting are not included in the package.

All in all, this fitness device is definitely something worth considering for purchase. It’s bigger than the standard models and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, has a heavyweight steel construction, powder coating, and can handle 500lbs of weight – what’s not to like here?

The Titan Fitness is a company well-known for their additions to home gyms of the fitness enthusiasts, and here we have another one – their new wall-mounted bar is truly something special. Let’s see all about it!


Unlike some other pull up bars that we have tested, this one is a bit bigger – it has a bar that’s 53 inches long and has a diameter of 1.3″, which should be quite suitable for the fitness enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. The overall weight of this model is 35lbs, and it can handle some 500lbs, which is pretty surprising and is a big plus in our book. Unlike some other pull up bars, this one can be mounted in two ways – vertically and horizontally, with the height being adjustable based on the athlete’s or ceiling’s height.

One of the best things about this device is its heavyweight steel construction, which, when combined with quality studs, allows the user to do some extra-demanding exercises without the fear of the whole thing coming apart. If you purchase an additional 1″ steel tube and the extra L brackets, you’ll be able to make a multiple-person pull up station out of this model, which is great and deserves special praise.

One other thing worth mentioning about this model is the presence of the powder coating that keeps the whole thing from becoming slippery and thus dangerous, which can be crucial if you’re not using workout gloves and are sweating a lot. There’s a number of different pull-up exercises that you can do on this bar, all of them being very useful and guaranteed to increase your muscle mass – all you need is the will to do it and a little patience.

CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity

CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity
  • DESIGN 90% 90%
  • QUALITY 95% 95%
  • PRICE 90% 90%


We don’t have any major complaints about this product. However, some of our readers stated that their CFF pull up bars arrived with some parts missing and that they had serious trouble with mounting the model on the wall.

In conclusion, the CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar has a lot of good things going for it – it features a quality workmanship and the finish, comes with assembling tools, has a reasonable price, and is strong and firm enough for both the home and commercial use. We think that buying this model can’t really turn out as a mistake, so we give it our recommendation.

Next up is a model that’s a bit pricier than the previous one, but is still very popular among the users. They are praising this pull bar’s quality build and the ease of installation – let’s see if they are right!


When it comes to assembly, the manufacturer of this bar provides the support anchor, bolts, and the screws free of charge, and there is also an installation manual included in the package, with easy-to-follow instructions. Putting the whole thing together is exceptionally easy, as it takes only 20 minutes – you only need to make sure that those screws and bolts are securely tightened.

The material that this pull up bar was made out off is of commercial, heavy-duty quality, and it is robust and solid enough to handle the maximum weight of 300lbs, which is pretty good. A heavy user will be free to comfortably swing, pull up and down, and to do any other kind of exercise.

The bar itself is some 45 inches wide and some 30 inches away from the wall, giving you ample space for the total freedom of your workout. This also makes it very easy to rotate the body while you’re still on the bar, and you won’t come in touch with the wall in any way.

The CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar also doesn’t take up too much space when it’s mounted, which is crucial for the people living in smaller apartments. We’d recommend you to mount this model in a room where you won’t have to pull it down after the finish of every exercise, as that process can seriously harm your desire to exercise and the whole workout routine.

Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar

Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar
  • DESIGN 91% 91%
  • QUALITY 96% 96%
  • PRICE 89% 89%


Some users are reporting that their packages came with missing parts, or that the included screws were of horrible quality. We had no such problems, but that doesn’t mean that these shouldn’t be mentioned.

With a reasonable price and a number of useful features, the Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar is one of the best products we’ve tested yet. We really liked its quality build, the powder-coat finish, and the ability to mount the bar on the ceiling – check it out if you’re planning to buy yourself a pull up bar soon.

If you’re looking for a pull up bar with a quality build that can be mounted on both the wall and the ceiling inside your home, basement, or the garage, search no more – this is the model you’ve been looking for. Let’s have a more in-depth look!


Just like the name suggests, one of the primary perks that come with this model is the user’s ability to hang it up on both the walls and the ceilings, depending on what kind of pull-up exercises suit him the most. The bar comes in three different sizes, and it can be mounted practically anywhere inside a modern home, or in any kind of an industrial building.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Stud Bar – Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar is the heavy-duty design and the construction, and we can safely say that this thing won’t fall apart once you mount it, thanks to the good welds, the rock-solid bar, the quality steel brackets, and the good mounting hardware.

The model features an excellent powder-coat finish which isn’t too smooth but also isn’t too rough, providing the user with a very good grip during the tougher exercises. The great bar diameter will allow you to engage in virtually all kinds of the chin up and pull up exercises, as well as some other, optional exercises such as the weighted pull-ups or the butterfly pull-ups.

The Stud Bar can also be used as the so-called “anchor” for the suspension training systems (like the Olympic Rings or the TRX). And now, the thing that deserves special praise – this model comes with a lifetime warranty, which definitely isn’t something we see very often, and we hope that the manufacturer will give the same warranty period for some of their other products in the future.

Top Rated Pull Up Bars for Doors – Our Top Picks

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Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up
  • DESIGN 89% 89%
  • QUALITY 85% 85%
  • PRICE 80% 80%


In order to prevent the bar from rolling as you pull yourself up, you will have to tighten it to the point where it will almost damage the frame of your door, and you’ll have to do this as preventing it from the rolling with your hands puts a strain on the wrists.

This simple and affordable doorway pull up bar comes with a number of good things – it has a strong, durable construction, as well as the set of good grips and can be used pretty much everywhere. With such a low price, we think that getting this model can’t really turn out as a mistake – we recommend it!

This would be one of the most affordable doorway pull up bars currently on the market, and as such definitely deserves to receive a more in-depth look. Let’s see what this model can offer to us, and check out why is it so popular!


The brand behind this doorway pull up bar is one of the most well-known names in the world of fitness equipment – the Sunny Health & Fitness, which has been creating and distributing their quality products at great prices for quite some time now.

Their new pull up bar, being a doorway bar, can be stored almost anywhere due to its shape and size. When you’re not using it, you can put it inside your closet, under the bed or even in the (large) drawer. All that you’ll have to do here is to twist it to loosen the tension, and it will come out of the brackets and down from the door.

The weight capacity of this model is 300lbs, which is pretty impressive and makes it stand out. It is also quite durable, as it can be reinforced with the optional brackets that are screwed into the frame of the door, and make the things even safer. There’s also a set of comfort grips which are there to prevent you from having pain in your hands and wrists during usage.

Installing the Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up is very easy – you just screw the brackets in, and you’re done, after which you can start doing your favorite kind of pull-ups on it. During our testing period, we found that doing pull-ups on this model is very pleasant – it’s not moving around too much, and the paddings are very comfortable for the hands, making the whole session an enjoyable experience.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
  • DESIGN 94% 94%
  • QUALITY 96% 96%
  • PRICE 84% 84%


On the downside, doing exercises such as dips isn’t really efficient on this bar, but that’s the price that goes along with it. Also, the model won’t really fit if you have a thin door, so we’d advise you to check that out before you make a purchase.

In conclusion, we can safely say that the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a great piece of fitness equipment, and to answer the question from the intro – yes, it’s worth the money. It is especially great for the people who’d like to avoid damaging their doorway in any way possible.

The next doorway pull up bar we’re going to take a look at is made by Iron Gym and is fairly popular with the users, due to its reasonable price and some interesting features. Is it worth the money?


When it comes to sheer dimensions and features, the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar can be attached to doorways that are between 24″ and 32″ wide and setting it up is very easy and quick. The bar uses leverage to stay in place, which means that you won’t have to use any screws or anything similar, and that certainly gets a big plus from us.

There are three grip positions here – the narrow one, the neutral one, and the wide one, with the bar allowing you to do the pull-ups and the chin-ups, as well as exercises such as crunches, dips, and the push-ups. Targeting your back muscles, shoulders, and the arms, the Iron Gym Workout Bar will help you get a full workout for your upper body and is suitable for most people since its weight capacity stands at 300lbs.

As we already said, one of the biggest advantages of this model is the leverage-mount feature. This means that the shorter bar can slip through the doorway, where it will rest on the top part of the trim on the other side. This, of course, means that you won’t have to do any drilling or to use any hardware – setting this thing up will take just a few seconds! Of course, the model won’t fit in every doorway, but we have to say that this is a far better solution than any other we’ve seen so far, and we’d really like to see more of leverage-based pull up bars in the future.

Maximiza Pull Up Bar – Doorway Pullup Bar

Maximiza Pull Up Bar - Doorway Pullup Bar
  • DESIGN 90% 90%
  • QUALITY 89% 89%
  • PRICE 82% 82%


We didn’t really like the quality of the included hand grips – they look like they could tear apart after a few weeks of use. Fortunately, replacing them is neither complicated nor expensive.

The Maximiza Pull Up Bar is easy to set up and to take down, has a set of non-slip grips, and also a very robust and a sturdy build. This is why consider this model to be one of the best pull up bars that we’ve ever tested, and we can do nothing else but give you our recommendation for buying it – it’s certainly worth the money!

Made by the Garren Fitness, the Maximiza Pull Up Bar comes at a cheap price and has some pretty interesting features that make it a very good deal. We’ve decided to have a more detailed look at it, so – read on!


The idea behind this doorway pull up bar is to help the user strengthen and tone his arms, abs, back, and the shoulders, but without using so much space like the regular pull up bars. This is especially important for the students who live in small apartments but still want to keep exercising – the Maximiza Pull Up Bar will certainly allow them to do that. It can securely fit in the door frames that are wide from 26″ to 39″, thus providing the versatility of a home gym while not taking too much space.

The combination of the chrome steel bar and the door mounts can handle some 300lbs of weight, which is, in our opinion, very impressive for such an affordable product. There’s a set of foam grips with the non-slip capabilities, which are there to ensure the comfort and minimize the fatigue, as well as the set of three different door mount kits, suiting the product for all kinds of homes, heights, and the exercise goals.

Just like some other doorway pull up bars that we’ve reviewed, this one will also allow you to engage in exercises such as pull-ups, crunches, chin-ups, and sit-ups, and with a little patience, it will help you raise your muscle mass and become stronger. The thing that deserves special praise here is the fact that the manufacturer allows you to return the product if you don’t like it, no questions asked, after which you will get all of your money back. Nice!

j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips

j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips
  • DESIGN 86% 86%
  • QUALITY 88% 88%
  • PRICE 81% 81%


On the other side, the j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips also has some flaws. There is a possibility that it will leave permanent marks on the area where you install it, and there’s also the lack of the replacement grips, which are sold separately.

Easy assembly, quality handle grips, and the wide doorway requirements are just a few of this bar’s many benefits. Its sturdy construction and the useful features are placing it among the best products of this type we’ve tested so far, and we think that you should seriously consider it for purchase – you won’t regret it later.

This doorway pull up bar is pretty versatile – it has a very sturdy construction and is fully adjustable for the doorways that are 26 to 40 inches wide, which means that it can be used at a broad variety of places. Let’s see what it has to offer!


j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar has the maximum weight capacity of 250lbs which makes it usable for most of the people, although we have to say we’ve seen better. One thing that you should take into consideration here is the quality of the door where you intend to put it – if its frame is poorly made, accidents could happen. But we think that you won’t have those kinds of problems, since we didn’t have any during the testing period and we’ve tried it out on three different doors – it held well on all three of them.

The j/fit pull up bar is coated with black powder, providing some traction for your hands and having some really good non-slip capabilities, and it also has a set of adjustable grips. The wider ones will help you work on your back muscles, while the narrower ones will help you develop your arm and the chest muscles. We should also mention that the j/fit sells the replacement grips separately, allowing you to replace the ones you already have when they wear out.

As we mentioned in the intro, this model will fit into doors that are 26″ to 40″ wide, as it is among the longest bars that are currently on the market. This makes it a perfect solution for your home gym needs, allowing you to place it into the variety of areas – even into some narrower hallways.

Perfect Basic Pullup

Perfect Basic Pullup
  • DESIGN 95% 95%
  • QUALITY 93% 93%
  • PRICE 78% 78%


On the other side, the Perfect Basic Pullup cannot be used if you don’t have an electric drill to install it into your doorway. This is very easy to do and can be done under just a few minutes, but will present a huge obstacle for the people who don’t own an electric drill.

All in all, the Perfect Basic Pullup offers you an excellent way to build up your muscles, as it has a unique swing arm that is also adjustable, and it’s very easy to install the whole thing into most doorways. We’ve had no major problems during our testing period, and we think that the Perfect Basic Pullup is among those models that should certainly be considered for purchase if you’re looking for a doorway pull up bar for your home or the apartment.

Behind this simple name hides one of the most popular pull up bars in the online shops, which is also very affordable and comes with a unique set of compelling features. We’ve decided to give it a more in-depth look – join us!


When it comes to dimensions, the Perfect Basic Pullup weighs 7 pounds and measures 25” x 15” x 2″, fitting doorways that are up to 27 inches wide. The whole thing is very easy to install – there are no difficulties with placing it and removing it, as the package includes an instruction manual that is very easy to follow.

It’s made out of gauge steel, which means that even the very heavy people can safely use it, without the fear of breaking it down and falling to the floor. With its adjustable swing arm, you’ll be able to perform a number of useful exercises, like pull-ups and lunges, which will definitely help you reach your fitness goals much faster. The maximum weight capacity of this model is the most standard one – 300lbs, as it is heavy-duty and very durable. We’ve tested it in a variety of ways, and it has proven to be very sturdy and robust.

In order to avoid the issues with blisters and bruises, the manufacturer has also included a set of padded foam grips, which will prevent the slipping and all kinds of skin injuries. The grips can also be positioned on the different parts of the bar, which is very important if you want to see some advance in your pull-up sessions.

Choosing the Best Pull Up Bar – Buyer’s Guide

As the home exercise programs are on the rise, so is the home exercise equipment. There’s an endless assortment of these devices, and the pull up bars are surely some of the simplest and the most affordable of them all.

But still, an average person could get overwhelmed by hundreds of different models that are currently on the market, as finding and purchasing the right pull up bar can be a real chore. That’s why we’ve decided to make this short buying guide – check it out, and everything will be much easier!

The types of pull up bars:

Doorway pull up bars

As the name suggests, these models can be mounted inside the standard doorways. They’re installed by putting two brackets on both sides of the door frame and inserting the bar itself into them or by twisting the bar and expanding it until it’s firmly secured between the doorposts. In our opinion, it’s best to use it with the brackets, or it might start slipping over the time. Having this kind of a pull up bar is very convenient – you can do some quick pull-ups every time you pass through the door. But the biggest disadvantage here is the fact that doing wide grip pull-ups on it is very hard.

Doorway pull up bars

Leverage-mounted pull up bars

These kinds of devices are resting on the front edges of the door frames, and are secured in place by the weight of your own body when you’re using it. One of the best things about it is that installing it requires no drilling, and you can easily remove the whole thing whenever you want to. Many models are small enough to be carried with you when you’re traveling, and are almost always coming with more than just one grip, giving you more exercise variety. Just make sure that the frame of your door is thick enough to avoid any issues.

Leverage mounted pull up bars

Wall-mounted pull up bars

The name says it all – these kinds of models are screwed into the walls. The only thing that you should look for here is the space between the wall and the bar – it should be at least 15 inches wide, or you won’t be able to do the pull-ups in a proper way.

Wall mounted pull up bars

Ceiling-mounted pull up bars

These bars are screwed into the ceilings, with the height of the ceiling determining the length of the vertical bars that are holding the horizontal bar. A ceiling-mounted pull up bar gives the user the most flexibility for the exercising, as there’s a plenty of space to move the body without the possibility of hitting the wall.

Ceiling mounted pull up bars

Important things to consider:

The length of the bar

The length of this device can range anywhere from 24 to 48 inches. You should look for the longer >32″ bars, so that you can get a wider grip.

The diameter of the bar

The diameters of the bars often vary from 3/4 to 1 ½ inches. In case you get a model whose diameter is less than 1″, the bar needs to have a set of foam grips.

Supported weight

The pull up bars which are currently on the market can support the user weights from 200lbs to 600lbs. Our advice is to get a model which can support at least 50% more than your own weight, in order to avoid any issues later.

Removable or permanent?

This totally depends on the user – if you’re traveling a lot but still want to keep your body in shape, definitely get a removable model. In other cases, a model that requires permanent fixing will do just fine.

Extra features

The pull up bars don’t come with a number of additional features like some other fitness-related devices. The only ones you should look for are the multi-grip feature and an extended warranty period.

Now that you know a few basic things about the pull up bars, getting one for yourself should be a lot easier. Carefully consider these points that we’ve mentioned, and you’ll end up with a model that suits your needs the best!


Simple but incredibly useful, the pull up bars should be a part of every home. These devices can help both the male and the female users to keep their bodies in shape, and this is easily achieved by doing just a few quick sets of pull-ups every day.

Our favorite wall-mounted model is the GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar, which is a bit pricey but has everything that the object of this type should have. Our favorite doorway pull up bar, on the other hand, would be the Maximiza Pull Up Bar – it has a sturdy build, and it’s very easy to use.

We wish you good luck and progress with your pull-up sessions!